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Hasi Bio

"My work is my biography"

Hency Arévalo Silva, known in the arts community as HASi (when he signs his works), is an artist of Colombian-Spanish origin and culturally influenced by a range of countries. Having lived in different countries, he firmly believes that beauty inhabits all places.

HASi studied Fine Arts and Art History in Colombia, Italy, and Spain where he also earned a Honours Bachelor Degree in History of Arts from the University of Murcia. In Murcia, he collaborated with the Salzillo Museum and at the Manifesta 8 with Swiss artist Thomas Zollinger. In Australia, he familiarized himself with Aborigine Arts, and in the United States, he explored the Rochestarian avantgarde-movement. There he worked as a contemporary art curator and artist in the B&W Gallery, collaborated with the Memorial Art Gallery and acted as an instructor for therapeutic arts in the PWAT Academy.

HASi is passionate about skydiving, and he works for the Office of Education, Arts and Culture in Filderstadt, Germany. He loves art in all its forms, and he is fascinated by how different cultures express themselves.

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